Flute & Guitar Recital

A concert of flute and guitar could have been a programme of easy listening music, not too hard on the ear and certainly not on the brain. However I had already heard our artistes, Emily Andrews and David Massey perform at Saint Leonard’s Church, Bengeo quite recently and I was greatly impressed by their musicianship and general communication skills.

This afternoon in Hertford we were certainly not disappointed.

flute&guitarWhat better way to start a programme than with the gloriously melodic songs of Schubert. We were told that the arranger of the Schubert songs wished to show off his technological triumph. And these arrangements had been a showcase for his design. They were indeed an entrancing way to open the concert, the witty variations effortlessly executed by Emily.


The Bach suite was a noble tribute to the master of counterpoint.

The first half ended with what might have been considered lollipops to see us on our way home – superb variations the two players had made on British folksongs.This was high voltage performance and left smiles on our faces as we left for our tea, almost dancing as we went.

The second half started with a nod towards Mozart in a finely played arrangement, but the highlights had to be the final items..excerpts from Takemitsu’s “Toward the Sea”. Emily displayed her mastery of 3 instruments, the tin whistle , the flute and the alto flute. Ever sensitive accompaniment by David helped Emily create eery sounds, as if whales were singing to us.

Another contemporary composer, Andy Scott , was the subject of the finale. This was not too modern in sound world and showed off the high level skills of our artistes as the music pivoted and gyrated from one key to another.

To relive this great concert, or for a snippet of what you may have missed, click on the play icon below:

Flute & Guitar concert January 2016 from Hertford Music Club on Vimeo.

It will be a treat to see how these two progress as indeed they will, and we wish them well!


Where you there at this concert? Share your experience of the recital by adding your comments (below).

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