A Journey Through Jazz

This concert created a buzz of pleasure around the audience, “I was blown away” said one.

Journey through Jazz

Our artistes generously gave us around twenty jazz “standards”, although, if this was to be a Journey through Jazz, we needed some sort of narrative. The idea of giving us Summertime at the beginning and the end was innovative, in that the style had changed over the years.

Sarah’s voice was bell like – demonstrating a sensitive control of dynamics with a a powerful lower register to complement her stunning high notes, as we heard in Summertime. Among the rest of this feast of ‘Standards’ the more recent song, and British too, was ‘Feeling Good’; this was such a hit with our audience that it was given as an encore.

A large part of the magic of the afternoon was in the highly virtuosic jazz piano playing of Chris Eldred closely synchronized with his superb bassist , Los Garratt. The classic ‘A Train’ was given a powerful drive and took some original routes. Similarly the tribute to Charlie Parker demonstrated how Chris has mastered this esoteric style of jazz improvisation. Jazz is firmly on the menu at the Hertford Music Club!

To see and hear the trio perform the classic ‘Summertime’, just click on the video below:

Chris Eldred, Los Garrett & Sarah Browne from Hertford Music Club on Vimeo.

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