FEBRUARY JAZZ a winner again!



ANDRE PYTALEU (Jazz Piano) &

This was a chance to welcome back two artistes who had made a big impression on the club the season before last. As before, Andrei and Tomas were bubbling with inspiration and a very special relaxed mood took over the Quaker meeting house where an audience of over 80 were gathered.

The first half of the concert was given over to jazz ‘standards’ such as Bag’s Groove, Days of Wine and Roses, Misty – all given fresh and imaginative jazz treatment. Witty chord sequences, counter rhythms and virtuosic riffs added spice to Andrei’s playing, while Tom excelled in his bass solos, with occasional bursts of witty repartee.

In the second half we were invited to sample the more sophisticated sound world of contemporary artistes such as Chic Corea. It was only at the moment of his “tiny” encore as Andrei described it, that we heard the concert pianist coming through, revealing an awesome dexterity. This left us all stunned – a real bonus on top of what had been a spectacular jazz recital. Thank you, Andrei and Tomas!

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