Long Live Live Music in Hertford

Live music neon sign for clubI am writing this after a weekend of fantastic live music in Hertford. The ‘Wow’ factor was colossal after two concerts of very different sorts : on the grand scale there was The Dream of Gerontius and our performance was passionate, transported as we were by the amazing music of Elgar. In truth words fail to capture that factor – at such concerts we just feel the proverbial shivers down the spine and we develop a hunger to come back for more, especially if we are involved in performance. But, and here is my point, you can get a similar sensation from simply listening to music (not just flicking on the radio or randomly ‘streaming’ on your mobile).

Part of this ‘wow’ factor in live music,especially on a smaller scale, is that you can watch the musicians in a string quartet ‘eyeballing’ each other – for example as Mozart moves the theme wittily around the players, there is an electricity generated. Even more so between members of a jazz ensemble. This is often fuelled in their case because they only decide what song to play next and in what key at the very last moment, and they decide whose turn it is to solo while they are playing!

All of this is, as you might expect, is leading to my enthusiasm for the Hertford Music Club and how I had my second ‘Wow’ factor of the weekend. The three young ladies of the Jorgensen Piano Trio created a musical ‘explosion’ with their passionate playing of tuneful, wonderful Mozart, Haydn and Brahms as well as their rendition of bitter, discordant sounds written by Shostakovich on the death of a close friend. Experience it on our website www.hertfordmusicclub.co.uk.

An added poignancy was that the concert was dedicated to the memory of an old musical friend – Jean Boyter. This was her favourite music ( apart from jazz).

If you want to get another ‘wow’ factor this summer, do come to the inaugural concert of the Hertford Festival of Music on Saturday 11 June in All Saints when world class violonist, Tasmin Little, will play favourite pieces from the repertoire.

Tickets are already available from the Hertford tourist office and are already being sold – so book up for another memorable event. Tom Hammond, conductor of the Hertford Symphony Orchestrra, is brimming with enthusiasm about the potential for a Festival of Music, beguiled as he is by the town of Hertford. The audience, hungry for another musical event that weekend will be able to hear some jazz the following day, Sunday 12th June, at the Hertford music club when our local star, Chris Eldred , will stun us with his wizard improvisations the likes of which we heard not too long ago at the Mass in Blue.

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