Return of The Chris Eldred Trio

It was a real pleasure to welcome back Chris Eldred and his bassist Loz Garratt, for a special concert on 12th June 2016. Today they accompanied their regular vocalist Georgie Braggins.

jazz concert 612

This was magic formula jazz where once title, key and tempo were set informally, the songs flowed effortlessly. This was clear from their presentation of classic jazz hits and new repertoire. Highlights were in particular the original piano work of Chris especially in ‘The girl from Ipanema’ where his harmonies in the middle section floated in minimalist style, just hinting at the original in such a subtle way. Another moment was when Chris alone accompanied Georgie in the moving number ‘Here’s to Life’.

It was delightful to have Georgie present us with one of her own compositions to counter the tendency to always dig into the past for jazz songs. One of the most challenging songs was ‘The Wave’ – another Latin gem by Carlos Jobim, and it was amusing when the words lyrics talked of ‘half past three’ for that was near the exact moment when the song was sung delivered (perhaps a time difference of twelve hours!) Loz on double bass enhanced each item where he played with imaginative, energetic solos .

The trio worked to a climax by the end of the concert and we were still wanting more after the encore such was the stylish delivery – cool but passionate at the same time – wow.

Were you at this concert? What did you think? Leave your comments below…

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