The Joy of Live Chamber Music in Hertford

The Club celebrates its 75th anniversary this year ! Ours is a mission to bring live music on a small-scale to Hertford. Tom Barber obtained the use of the Quaker meeting Hall to host small concerts in 1940 and there have been concerts there on and off ever since.


It is a privilege to use this historic building nearly hidden from public view by a high wall opposite the bus station. The generous acoustic of the hall is a revelation to visiting musicians. The Quakers kindly tolerate a the presence of our grand piano !

We embrace a wide variety of music styles. From the traditional string quartet to piano and even Japanese and Indian music and more recently jazz. We attract audiences up to 70 strong at 3.00 pm on 6 Sunday afternoons per season, enjoying close contact with professional musicians, often marvelling at the interplay between them, for example in a Mozart Quartet. We are still charging only £10 for admission, operating on a shoestring budget. Young artists are often subsidised by the trusts so we can afford prize winners.

Harold Chaplin

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